Chocolates & Amenities

Using Swiss, Belgium, and French methods and ingredients, we create 
the flavors which are associated with the birthplace of the "praline". 
Gianduja, Marzipan, Buttercreams, and Ganaches made all naturally
without any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 

Assorted Pralines

Holiday & Corporate Gifts

Captain's Cordial, Dressé Hazelnut,
Milk Chocolate Ganache, Cayenne

Assorted Pralines

Event Favors

English Almond Toffee, Half-Dipped Salted
Cashew, Milk Mint Fondant, Non-Pariels

Delicious Barks

The Perfect Snack

Almond, Hazelnut, Cashew or Pecan Barks
in Milk, Dark, or White Chocolate

Custom Molds

Your Own Design in Chocolate

Decorative accents to highlight
a celebration

Chocoloate Roses

Add Some Elegance

Hand-crafted, real chocolate flowers
to adorn your cakes and desserts


A Classic

A better Non-Pareil, in round and

Captain's Cordials

The Captain's Favorite

Brandied Cherry Cordial with
real gold-leaf

Chocolate Pops

Unique and Delicious

Chocolate Pops with customized
piped plaques for any occassion


Our beautiful assortments and displays will make wonderful gifts that will surely be remembered.
Below are more of our delicious ideas. What can we make for you?


For pricing and availability, please contact us.
Thank you